Public Relations

Today’s business world is extremely competitive and companies need to have an edge to stand out from the crowd.

Public relations is something that makes companies more appealing and interesting to the public and the media. Our team provides long- or short-term strategic communications plans to help give the public and media a better understanding of your company.


The Client: Touchmark at Coffee Creek

The Challenge: Touchmark at Coffee Creek, located in EdmondOkla., is constructing a memory care neighborhood. The corporate spokesperson, located in Oregon, is an expert in Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases. Carol Hartzog Communications was challenged with promoting a top-of-line program within a very competitive market.

The Goal: Brand the company spokesperson and her vast knowledge, while generating interest in the new memory-care community.

The Strategy: While in town, the spokesperson appeared on a television in-studio interview. The news hook was the holidays: what signs of early onset of these diseases should adult children be looking for as they spend time with their parents during the holidays?

The Result: Traffic to increased significantly following the television interview. The estimated non-paid advertising value of the interview was $1,000. 

 The Client: Householder Group/Nick Massey

The Challenge: Householder Group/Nick Massey, an investment firm, was bringing a bestselling author and economic strategist to the area for a public presentation. The challenge was a three-month turnaround for ad campaign during the major winter holidays. The speaker was not local, and there was a significant challenge in getting area media to perceive him as “expert” when tied with financial planner’s sponsorship.

The Goal: Fill the room for the presentation, and secure viable prospects for the client.

The Strategy: An ad campaign that included radio, print and billboards. The ads were targeted to people concerned about the recession. This campaign also incorporated significant social media work on, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Result: The campaign garnered print coverage in the two major
Oklahoma City dailies, The Oklahoman and Journal Record, as well as in smaller markets. Radio ads ran on KTOK 1000, a local AM news-talk station. We were able to secure an in-studio interview at major television station on the day of the event, as well as secondary coverage that night on the local Fox affiliate, immediately following American Idol. There were 900 attendees at the event and numerous viable clients in the client’s office in the following months. The estimated non-paid advertising value of public relations: $11,000. 

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